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My current altar setup. I’ve got a lot of crystals, a deck of Rider-Waite tarot cards, my trusty athame (ritual dagger), a sand dollar, a large sea snail shell, sage incense, a lion figure to represent not only my totem but my higher self, a sacred “Holey” stone and a silver flower candle (to represent Goddess) and a gold flower candle (to represent God). Just had a wonderful meditation tonight! 🌙⭐️ blessed be!

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'Mercure' by Pierre et Gilles.

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So I’m interested in this Wicca thing- more the earth stuff than the witchy stuff. I want to know more about it cause if it involves messing with demons/spirits than Im outtie lmao

No demons or spirits unless you choose to work with them. I honestly have not met any Wiccans that work with demons, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen sometimes. There are Wiccans that work with spirits, but it’s not required or anything.

Well for one I would research Wicca. is a good source to look into. As far as the demon and spirits thing, don’t believe all the hype. Definitions of what a demon or spirit is are numerous. Spirit could mean a god in some ways and demons could mean a type of angel/fairy thing. Anyways they are not necessary to work with in order to become a Wiccan. Though some spirits can be allies on your spiritual journey like spirit animals, totems, spirit guides, angels, fairies and ancestors. If this type of stuff doesn’t interest you then don’t practice any of it. Blessed be.

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blackandwhite213 said: Hi! I was wondering if there's any spells for anxiety and depression? Thank you & totally love your blog!


Hello, you can use these spells with depression medicine. :)

To keep out sorrow

Wright these words on a piece of paper:


Read from west to east to north to south, then speak aloud:

TREE of knowledge
ROAD of pain
EAVE of home
EDEN again

If you solve this riddle burn the paper on your hearth. it will keep your house from sorrow all year long.
by Valerie worth

A tea made from catnip ,camomile or skullcap helps to relieve anxiety and nervousness.

Vanilla candle spell
Hold a vanilla scented candle in both hands until the wax feels warm to touch then chant three times:

Vanilla Chase this Mess away
keep it far from me today

Light the candle let it burn until anxiety dissipates

Meditation with saffron tea is recommended

Everyday magic
Dorothy Morrison

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Anonymous said: Which god do you think some one in the intelligence field, specifically communications related, should call on for aid?


Interesting question!  I assume you mean the Hellenic gods (I’m a bit useless as a resource on any other set).

Communications implies Hermes, most distinctly.

But intel, especially of the military variety, also suggests Athene (who is in charge of the strategy and defense that underlies every battle).

Thoughts, everyone?

Defiantly look into Hermes. His qualities are of quick wit and communication especially in the area of speech.

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7/19/14 Card of the Day: The Devil #15 Reversed- free from self imposed restriction, breaking free, power reclaimed, salvation.
Bottom of Deck: 3 of Cups

Today we become aware of our destructive habits. The Devil appears in our lives when we are feeling trapped by unhealthy choices and patterns such as: co-dependent relationship, financial debt, unproductive careers, unhealthy lifestyles, addictions, etc. In reverse the Devil indicates a growing awareness that you are currently in this state and you desire freedom from these unhealthy bonds. This will not be easy as you will have to face your fears and anxieties which are the very things that caused you to form these unhealthy habits. This is a time to generate positive changes in your life: create a healthier diet, quit smoking, spend time with loved ones, focus more clearly on your goals. At the bottom of the deck we have the 3 of Cups, a positive card which symbolizes friendship, celebration, harvest, team work, happiness and community. I have a feeling that this card is suggesting a key to overcoming the chains of the Devil. Often the 3 of Cups indicates a close group of friends and family that support each other, it also represents a celebration that a certain stressful course in life is over. The 3 of Cups is saying that we have a loving support group willing and able to help us through our chained bondage of unhealthy habits as represented by the Devil card. Now is the time to be open to the healing of others as well as ourselves. The Devil’s number is 15=1+5=6, 6 is the phrase “I Choose”as in this card, our choices have a lot to do with our own happiness and sense of freedom the key here is to make positive choices over the tempting negative ones. 3 of Cups is 3=”I Make” as in this card, I make myself happy through the support of my community. 6+3=9, 9 represents “wisdom through experience”, our journey has led us to a painful truth, that we have become victims of our own devices, but with the help of our loved ones and with positive motivation we can make it through.

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